As far as music is concerned we would like to the think ultimately people listen to music they like regardless of genre, style, language, or era. Sometimes that’s not always the case, sometimes it seems radio programmers play the songs they want you to like and eventually to end up liking it, or brain washed enough care just listen because the radio told you too. We wanted to create an alternative to the “norm” and to combine different genres together, to capture each genre in its rawest form. There are lots of labels, producers and musicians etc... Out there that are mix matching music but some way some how it always gets watered down to please or suffice a particular audience. Well we will not compromise; we believe you should listen to what you like. In our case there is no limit to styles or forms of music we are attempting to cover, but the bases for our music is hip hop-jazz. Hip Hop jazz meaning combining the basic elements of hip hop with jazz. While fusing reggae, r&b, house and a variety of world music in between.

Graphic Design
We also immerse ourselves in the art work that’s associated with our projects. The art work is just as important as the music it represents. Within Rootz Republik Media some of our musicians are graphic designers by trade. As a result we formed a team. This team’s primary focus aside from being musicians are to create the best work to represent our label’s music.

Film Scoring
As a label we are very interested in scoring films, commercials, short films, documentaries or full length movie we can do it. To all up and coming film makers we are willing to work with you. In the end the goal is to create works of art, we can be proud of.

Illustrations /Logos/ Graffiti art work
Like we have mentioned before we are interested in art works of all kind, as a result our “post your work” page, this is a page that’s dedicated solely for artists to post their work. These pieces are, but not limited to illustration, logos and graffiti art work

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