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Hazardis Project

This group came together before Tekk Allstarz, essentially all the members of Tekk Allstarz rotate in and out as the Hazardis Project. When we began performing as the hazardis project some people would mess up our name not knowing how to pronounce it, and others wouldn’t know what to make of us with a name like Hazardis Project. To set the record straight when we perform in this medium our primary goal is to fuse the most under ground sounding hip hop with the melodies and harmonies that create our form of jazz.

Our first project is a mixtape, entitled “J-Dilla Chronicle” in essence we are paying homage to legendary producer J-Dilla. The idea was to use some of JD’s existing tracks with some of our original track, create our own melodies and harmonies. The end result was “The Hazardis Project Presences: J-Dilla Chronicles.

Preview this Album:

1. Birkhead
2. G.I.
3. House
4. Johnny
5. Kingdom
6. Late
7. Next
8. Shalow
9. Temperture


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